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About Us

Founded in 1996 by language expert Ana María Paredes, Inter Americas Translation Services is a leading language services provider in the Gulf Coast area of the United States, uniting a core team of translators and interpreters who work together on client projects. From individual clients to large corporations, Inter Americas Translation Services delivers interpretation and translation services across a wide variety of projects, applying the same level of effort and dedication to all, no matter their scope.



We have experience across a wide variety of industries. A few key ones are Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Legal, Health, Energy, Art, Religion, Marketing, Engineering, Medicine, Natural and Social Sciences, Finance and Accounting, Airline, and Insurance.



American Translators Association Certified Translators (for each language pair), Certified Federal Court Interpreters, Ministry of Science and Education of the Kingdom of Spain (Diploma for Superior Command of the Spanish Language), State of Texas Master Licensed Court Interpreters.



American Translators Association (ATA), National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT), Texas Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (TAJIT), and Houston Interpreters and Translators Association (HITA).


About Our Founder

Ana María Paredes has worked for over 30 years in language services and is certified in English<>Spanish by the American Translators Association (ATA), where she is a Voting Member and has written for their member publication Intercambios. She also works as a conference and court interpreter and has been certified to interpret and work in the U.S. Federal Courts for almost 20 years and is licensed by the state of Texas as well. In addition, she has been an active member of NAJIT, TAJIT and HITA for many years. Prior to her work as a translator/interpreter, Ms. Paredes taught Spanish for a decade.

Our Services

We provide a full suite of language services to clients large and small and execute our projects with the utmost care and attention to detail, including multiple rounds of quality assurance review. We also work with subject matter experts who review our work to ensure technical accuracy across industries.

Multi-Lingual Translation

We are a full-service language services provider. Although we specialize in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian languages, we work with all the major European and American languages, as well as some Asian ones. In addition to using highly qualified and specialized translators, certified by the ATA, we use a translation project management and quality assurance (QA) system. This is an integral part of each translation project we do for our clients. Our approach to translation incorporates involvement from the client, tools and systems, and workflow management. This results in finished translations that are both technically accurate and nuanced.

Professional Interpretation

Our professional interpreting services are preformed by experts skilled in the techniques of interpreting and well versed in the cultural nuances of the various target languages. We handle interpreting assignments in a variety of settings, both on location and remotely, and perform consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Our interpreting services are provided for various purposes such as business meetings and presentations, court proceedings (including depositions and hearings), conferences, training sessions, seminars, webinars, and personal matters. We are certified to appear in U.S. Federal Court and State courts, as well as in other legal forums, and are trained in live remote interpretation.

International Linguistic Validation

A well-translated text has the same meaning as the original. However, when patient questionnaires are used in global clinical trials, equivalence of construct value for each culture is also needed. For example, if a question asks about a subject’s ability to perform typical activities and uses “playing golf” as an example, simple translation may not be adequate for countries where playing golf is not considered typical. A different activity that has equivalent construct value must be identified for each target language and region. Patient questionnaires must be culturally adapted (and translations need to be linguistically validated) in order to be used as valid research instruments in international clinical trials. Foregoing a linguistic validation process may result in issues with the validity of research data.

Website and Software Localization

We help companies adapt their websites and applications for use in the U.S. and Latin America. Symbols, images, and even colors can convey cultural messages that may portray negative connotations that may irritate or even offend users. We ensure they are translated accurately and appropriately in terms of both linguistics and cultural nuances. Vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, style, and level of speech are considered to make sure the language used reflects the target audience's culture and geography. Translation often affects layout and may require more or less room depending on the target country. Right to left, top to bottom, and which pages should be available are important considerations when localizing a website or software application.

Back-Translation and Reconciliation

Upon request, we provide back-translation and reconciliation services for any of our translation or localization projects. Our back-translations and reconciliations offer additional quality and accuracy assurance for the most sensitive language projects. Our processes for back-translation and reconcilitation add two incremental quality assurance stages to our translation services, which provides two additional opportunities to assess and fine-tune the language of the translations. For critical or high-value projects that require translation across languages with as much peace of mind as possible that the exact meaning is conveyed, back-translations and reconciliations are recommended.

Proofreading and Copy Editing

Our proofreading services ensure that there are no spelling, grammar, punctuation, or typographical errors in the content. We find any unclear passages and revise them to make the message clear to the audience. We also check URLs/links to ensure that they work. We look for consistency of style as well (e.g., heading capitalization convention). Proofreading is typically used for content that is almost ready for publishing, when it can benefit the most from a fresh set of eyes. Our copy editing services take it further, rewriting passages, rearranging content, and polishing the writing overall. We may suggest changes to unclear sections and other revisions to make the content more compelling to the audience.

Audio and Video Transcription

Our multilingual staff provides high-quality transcriptions of any audio or video recording. Our expert staff all have master word processing skills and painstaking attention to detail. We work with most audio and video formats and deliver transcriptions in many different ways, depending on the particular needs of each project and the industry for which it is needed. We work with recorded meetings, commercials, videotaped researched sessions, video surveillance, and other source material, developing accurate, clear, and confidential transcriptions.

Client Experience

This is a list of some of the satisfied clients with whom we've worked over the past several years. Please contact us if you'd like to work with us and join the ranks of organizations that are pleased with our work.

Fronterra Geosciences
Jacobs Engineering
Parker & Associates
Gordon, Elias & Seely
South Florida Behavioral Health Network
Willbros Group
Tucker, Barnes, Garcí & de la Garza
Market Focus
Mallett Saper Berg
Lone Star Legal Aid
Plaza Research
Equal Justice Center
Gómez Law Firm
Fomento Cultural Banamex

Client Testimonials

A few of our satisfied clients share some feedback. Would you like to have a positive experience with your language services projects? contact us and we can get to work.

  • I retired from Halliburton after 23 years in various capacities for Latin America, Africa, and Eurasia Pacific. I have worked with Inter Americas Translation Services for many years and always found the translations to be some of the most accurate that I have received as well as the people being highly professional and capable. There were a number of instances where translations from Spanish, Portuguese, or French were needed on a very rushed basis and Inter Americas was able to provide them in timely fashion. I have recently joined a law firm and have recommended the use of Inter Americas.

    Joaquin S. Molinet Senior Director, Halliburton

  • I have used Inter Americas Translation Services in all types of litigation cases for the last 15 years and couldn't be happier. They not only translate the words accurately and eloquently, but they also capture the emotion of the witness in the translation to give true meaning to what the individuals are saying and feeling. Simply put, they are the best. I know that if you use them you will not only come away with the same positive feelings that I have, but more importantly, a job well done in translation.

    Jorge Gomez

    Jorge Gómez Attorney, Gómez Law Firm

  • Inter Americas Translation Services put aside their Good Friday and Easter weekend plans to help out in the wake of the explosion at the BP refinery on March 23, 2005. Having Spanish translations helped many of the affected families. We really appreciated their efforts.

    Shelly White Senior Managing Counsel, Jacobs Engineering

  • I have been using Inter Americas Translation Services as an interpreter for many years. They are very precise in their work and exact in their translations. They also have a substantial network of very competent interpreters in many languages.

    Sherman Lajmer Claims Adjuster, Parker & Associates

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